Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 7, 2016 "Holding Our Breaths and Hoping People Come"

Well this week has again been a busy one. Hermana Muro and I know our way around the area a lot better now so we know all the shortcuts to each investigator's house!

We have been teaching an investigator named, Ernesto Barrios, he was so prepared by the Lord wow!  He listens and acts and does almost everything we tell him. Sometimes we get so excited to teach him we schedule to see him every day... ha-ha. He is the first investigator I’ve taught this many lessons to! He read 116 pages of the BOM in 2 DAYS! And when we give him a pamphlet to read for the next lesson he actually reads it and asks questions and knows what we are talking about before we say it, it is so nice. He is 56, he is a builder and lives in the houses he is currently working on. The house he is working on now is huge and so pretty. He went to church last Sunday but wasn’t able to go this Sunday because he had to work. It’s hard because he wants to be baptized on the fecha meta we set for him. But how he went last week was he told his boss he had to go shopping for food for the week and he actually went to church. We told him he needs to pray and fast then talk to his boss about allowing him to attend church. His boss is actually really nice we’ve met him a few times and he told us that the church is all he ever talks about at work now. Oh funny story he discovered early this week that there is a Dictionary at the back of the BOM and he has been ready that too and he asks us random facts about the church to see if we know them.. Like the other day he asked us if we knew the day that Joseph Smith’s mom died... it’s the 5th of May if any of you are wondering ha-ha. He has tons of these random dates memorized! Facts about Temples and everything. He is supposed to be done with this job he is now working on in about a month. He told us he can be 100% into the church after that. Right now he is lying to go to church. We’ll see what happens, we hope his boss will let him come to church. But I know if he doesn’t get baptized with us he will with someone else.

I think I said last week, our area we have is now twice as big. We have a colonia called El Centro (downtown) and it has 100s of shops and places to eat. It is so fun. So now when I come back to visit I’ll know my way around one of the only things to do in Tepic!! (; The poor elders that had the area before had 2 really good progressing investigators and now they are ours. I feel bad but I’m happy too. One is named Andrea she is 19 and has been seeing the missionaries for about 4 months. She has had almost all the lessons and is just a little scared of baptism. There’s a member named Isais that came with us to see her and he use to go with the elders, he really likes this investigator, like a lot and let me just say there were times we felt like we were 3rd wheeling in the lesson... he won’t be coming with us again anytime soon mostly because she is shy around him and won’t share her true feelings, but hey she has a friend and he even picks her up for church so whatever works right?(; We have another investigator of the elders  who’s name is also Isais, he is about 62 and is so smart and soft spoken, he loves the Book of Mormon and is a really successful business man. So he almost can never go to church because he travels for work, he also wasn’t able to go this Sunday but he accepted a baptismal date. That’s now different because he didn’t go to church.

Sunday mornings are always days where we just hold our breath and hope people come. We try to pick people up that live close to us but that only ever works every now and again. We had our less active, Cleotilde, come to church with her 3 kids! She showed up for the last hour and we were so happy to see her and to have her kids start going to primary again! Hna Valdivia taught the Relief society lesson and she did such a great job everyone was in tears. I’m grateful Hna Cleotilde was there for that lesson.

We are very busy here in Tepic! I love this area more and more every day! That’s all I have for this week I love guys and I hope you have another amazing fun filled week and remember you’re always in my thoughts and in my prayers! (:  

Con amor
Hermana Acor

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