Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016 "SAY WHAT SIX MONTHS?!"

Well its official I’ve been in the mission 6 months... I still feel like I’m the new gringa! haha. Well this week has for sure been one of learning and growing... that’s the positive way to put it. My comp is incredibly nice and sweet and is a really powerful teacher but WOW living with someone else is so WEIRD! Not to mention the solo español. I cannot believe how much I have learned this week not only in my Spanish but also how to be a more self-sufficient missionary. Obviously, Hna Cirne doesn’t know this area only I do so I’ve had to take the lead and remember where all our less actives and investigators live... I’m not gonna lie the first few days I was so incredibly stressed out. I’ve never really taken control of the lessons and been the one to keep the lessons going that had always been Hna Muro and really I was ok with it. But since Hna Cirne doesn’t know the people it was all of a sudden my job. Wow, was I scared my first few times! But really just about 3 days of doing it and it already feels natural! We haven’t had any real problems with the language which has helped me see how much I really know. I am far from perfect but I can basically understand everything and express myself pretty well... in only 6 months I have this confidence with the language. The gift of tongues is real.

We had the great opportunity on Friday for a Conference with just the Hermanas in all the mission in Guadalajara.  Wow, I totally needed this conference at this time. It was a great break and so spiritually uplifting. All the hermanas from Santiago, Tepic and Vallarta all stayed in the offices for 2 nights. Needless to say nobody slept but it was crazy fun to be with every Hermana!
The Hermanas from Tepic, Vallarta and Santiago on our way to a
special mission Women's Conference
The conference was adorable, Hna Clayton ( the pres’s wife ) talked about the women from the scriptures and how we can apply their attributes in our life. And we had Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast (: AND Olive Garden for lunch! Also not to mention all the girly treats we got during the conference. The sister trainers taught lessons on how to better study, exercise and eat. It’s kind of crazy that all the hermanas in the whole mission where in the same room at the same time! And even crazier to look around the room knowing that one of them could be your next companion. Of course I was also able to see Hermana Muro again after like 3 days... it’s weird from going from every second of everyday together and then none... It was nice to see her! She brought me some letters that people had sent to the bishop’s house when I was in Vallarta! I got one from the Watsons! That was signed by some members of the ward although it was for Christmas it was still nice to get it even late!

This week has been a little slow with teaching because we had transfers and almost 3 days of no teaching due to the Women’s conference. Our investigator Isais was sick this last Sunday so have to push back his baptism, but we haven’t finished teaching the lessons to him so it worked out. For a few days he hadn’t been answering our calls and I was super scared that he didn’t want to be taught anymore. Then he called and we made plans to visit with him again. Huge relief! Andrea our recent convert is still the best and adorable. We will be working hard this week to find more people to teach and I’m sure we will get more organized as Hna Cirne and I have more time together.
Service project on our P-day helping to clean up a yard, trash etc.

I ALMOST FORGOT!! I received the package you guys sent me! It got her super quick! I know I’ve said it before but not joke getting a package is like the best thing ever! Not to mention the candy the notes, clothes, cute quotes that were in the package are all perfect, thank you, thank you! And I LOVE all the church music it is seriously perfect and a ton I’m really impressed! Again thank you. Listening to the same 10 songs was starting to get on my nerves J ! I love you guys that’s all I got this week! Know you are always in my prayers and I can’t wait to talk to you on May 8th!!!   

-- con amor
Hermana Acor 

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