Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 14, 2016 "It's Not Supposed to be COLD in Mexico!"

Oh my has this week been a cold one! Wednesday was the coldest day, like tights,jackets, gloves all of that and it was raining to top it all off. We had investigators tell us from their windows to come back another day cause they were too cold to let us in... not like we were standing outside in the cold or anything (;
Coats in Mexico?
But we went to the local OXXO and bought hot chocolate which wasn't something I thought i would do soon! Its slowly getting warm again but the nights are pretty cold. I'm sure later this week will be so hot. We will wonder if it was ever really cold. This p day has been nice and relaxing. We spent it at Paola Padillas house with her mom. Her mom has a salon in the front of her house and so she told us she would make us lunch and give us a much needed pedicure! My feet are now baby smooth (; I'm sure today is the only time I'll get a pedicure in the mission ha. 
Hard life as a missionary :)

This week are investigators have been all over the place. Our golden investigator Ernesto Barrios has the strongest testimony but his job wont let him go to church on Sunday. He will be done with this job he has now in about 2 weeks and he has a lot of debts he needs to pay off. But he says after these 2 weeks he will be 100% into the church. The sad thing is is he will most likely be living outside of our area so we are really sad about that. He fasted this last Sunday to help him find a job that will allow him to go to church but he says it is hard at his age, he's 64 and doesn't have tons of options. He always feels really bad when he can't come to church and when we tell him how important he is he always says its out of his hands and he gets really sad. It's a sad situation all around. Andrea our investigator who should get baptized this month didn't come to church on Sunday and we can't get ahold of her.... we don't know why she didn't show up but now her baptism day is different. We can't see her till Wednesday so like always we will see what happens. She has a strong testimony she just has to come to church! Another one of our investigators named Isais that was preparing for baptism told us in around about way that he doesn't want visits anymore, but he doesn't remember the restoration lesson so we will be teaching him that tonight hopefully we can say something that will help him see that this is the one and only true church. On the brightside we had 3 less actives in church yesterday! One family who haven't been in about 4 months and our dear friend Rafael. Rafael is the one who went to church 2 weeks ago after almost 7 years, he really likes church just not the last hour because we can't sit with him, he feels really intimidated by the priesthood. Hopefully we can change that. The other two are a mom and a son that we found in Col. Centro that have not been visited in a while so we found them and started teaching them and they came!!! WAhoo but right after sacrament they basically ran out. Not very many people like the last 2 hours of church ha. 

We've been exploring our new area a lot this last week and i love this area more and more everyday! We have more less actives to see and there is one family we found that are less active. They LOVE to have us over and offer us tons of food ha. They haven't been taught the actual lessons in a long time so we will start there with them. The wife Ana says she wishes she was Mormon from the time she was born and how she knows her life would have been more blessed. To me she sounds pretty open to learning more and trying to come back to church. Well that's it for this week nothing to crazy! My testimony has grown everyday and the language is coming more and more cada dia!(; I love you all and cant wait to hear more from you next week! (:

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