Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11, 2016 "Friday Andrea Was Baptized!!

So much has happened this week I don’t even know where to start! As far as all the drama with my stomach... I spent about 5 hours in the hospital on Monday. The Doctor said that my problem is with the food here in Mexico. To say it simply my intestines aren’t working like they should.  
They were causing me a lot of pain and making my stomach swell. So to solve this problem the dr’s were going to give me an IV to help clean out my system and help me get rehydrated. But of course while they were putting in the IV, I passed out.... its official I’m scared of my own blood. Remember when I got my wisdom teeth out and I passed out when I was changing the gauze? Well I guess it really was because of the blood. Ha poor Hna Muro I was holding her hand cause you all know how much I hate needles and she said I looked at them putting in the IV, I did a little weird body twitch, went totally white and passed out. When I woke up I had no idea what had happened. You know in the movies how they have people who wake up in hospitals with the lights super bright and like 5 doctors standing over them? I had one of those moments and it was the weirdest thing! After that I didn’t have any other problems other than feeling sick to my stomach. They put different fluids in my IV and gave me food. After the 5 hours I was tired, they sent me with a bunch of medicine and I slept great.

I haven’t had any pains for about 3 days now so they medicine is working! I had also asked my Zone Leader Elder Brough to give me a blessing and really after the blessing is when I started to feel better. He did a really good job. It was a powerful blessing and he promised that as long as I say working hard I won’t be have any problems so there is more motivation to keep working!

Friday Andrea was baptized!! Everything went reallllly well! We got everything ready Friday morning with the help of the Elders. Everyone showed up more or less on time. Andrea was so excited and visited a lot of her friends and family! But of course something had to go wrong.... the Elders had put the water boiler on and the water was really hot.. so she was having a hard time getting in the font. Ha after when we went to go help her we apologized about the water because really we felt sooooo bad but she just laughed and said it wasn’t important. She was all smiles and so happy to just be baptized, it was adorable! She made us all feel so much better. We actually spent our Pday with Andrea today!
There is a cute bus here that takes you around Tepic and so we invited her to come with us and it was super fun! Not to mention in the morning Hna Valdivia gave us breakfast! She made us crepes and eggs and it was the best breakfast I’ve had in the mission so far (: Hna Valdivia is the best!

I don’t know if you guys remember our investigator Isais, He is about 65 and his a Greek Philosophy teacher so our lessons can be pretty exhausting sometimes. He’s super smart and naturally asks a TON of questions. It’s been hard because he feels he can’t be baptized until he understands everything and that’s just not going to happen. BUT this last lesson we taught him on Saturday he told us that he was done asking questions, he just wants to live the gospel and be baptized! Is that not crazy or what?! We still need to finish teaching the lessons and he needs to come to church 2 more times but the fact that he said that is a huge step! 

Sunday was the confirmation of Andrea and it was all so perfect! She had her family there supporting her even though they aren’t members, she does have 2 cousins and an aunt that are. It was a really pretty blessing they gave her and it’s something I will always remember (:

Oh I did get letters from home this last week! One from Grandpa from the end of February... I love what he shared with me, please tell him that! And one from all the fam at a family home evening! It is funny because the sister trainers brought them to me while I was in the hospital, just kinda funny I was reading letters while in a hospital bed but what a perfect time to get them! We also had zone conference Tuesday! It was great I don’t have time to say much about it sorry! I love you guys so much and I’m so grateful for all of your prayers! Have an amazing week! 

-- con amor
Hermana Acor 

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