Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 "Pres. Monson Was Inspired to Talk About Choices and Their Importance."

Hola Mis Amigos! Como esta? This week has been a pretty good one minus somedays I had to stay home due to stomach pains... ( I’ll be going to the doctor today to try and figure out what’s going on) And not to mention CONFERENCE!
Hna. Muro and I are matching today!

Watching conference as a missionary has a whole new perspective. I really do understand so much more about this gospel and God’s plan for all of us. Before Conference Hna Muro and I took the challenge and wrote down questions that we wanted answers too for ourselves and for the people we are teaching. Every single thing I had a question on was answered and I received so much guidance for how we can better teach our investigators and less actives. Isn’t conference amazing!
All the English speakers in a room watching conference.
Although Pres. Monson only spoke for a short time I think that makes it all the more powerful. He knew he had only a few minutes to share a message and he was inspired to talk about choices and their importance. I couldn’t agree with him more. In the mission I have seen more and more how easy it really is for people to fall way from the church without them ever really knowing why.(really)  It all starts with our choices. Sometimes maybe we say we will read our scriptures tomorrow, then it’s we will pray tomorrow, then it’s we will go to church next week and then little by little we aren’t as strong of members of the church as we use to be. Our choices really do matter, so make the choice today to forever and always follow Christ and his commandments and you will never go astray. (: 
Quick lunch between sessions. Notice the caramel
this is how they eat cookies, by dipping them in the sauce.

Tuesday we had Divisions with our sister trainer leaders! We had to go to Santiago, the hottest place in the whole mission, to meet them for divisions. Honestly, divisions are the best. You get to see what other people’s area is like, meet new people and not to mention how other missionaries do things. This time I was with Hna. Otazu. Shes the perfect sister trainer leader and she teaches with so much power, she’s from Paraguay.

This past week we have been teaching a man named Ruben. I told you he owns the bakery. We have been able to teach him a few times this past week. It’s really interesting to teach him. He has really different beliefs and almost after every point of a lesson he just shakes his head and says “no that’s not the way it is” and goes on the tell us what he thinks and why we are wrong, ha, but he always wants us to come back and he likes going to church. We will keep working with him. We also had a really big break through with a less active family. Ana and Jose. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They love to have us come visit and teach them. Yesterday we taught more about the restoration and didn’t get too much feedback from them, but once Hermana muro started talking about temples and how we can be sealed to our families forever, Ana was really interested. She ALWAYS talks about her cute little boy that passed away a few years ago at 2 years old. She hadn’t been taught about temples in a while and really become all ears after we brought up temples. Now we know what we can teach them to help bring them back (:

Andrea continues to prepare for her BAPTISM! We have been getting everything put together and planning so everything will go smoothly. I’ve never been able to teach the last few lessons before and I have to say they are my favorite. We get to talk about temples, eternal marriage, family history and all that fun stuff! Don’t get me wrong I love all the other lessons but we just don’t get to teach these ones as much! She will be getting baptized on the 8th (:

We have transfers this Sunday, so who knows what will happen! Either way I’m extremely grateful for my time with Hna Muro and my time here in Tepic. I know this church is true and I love it will all my heart! I hope you all have an amazing week!
-- con amor
Hermana Acor 

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