Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 28, 2016 "This week I got some Christmas letters!"

This week I got some Christmas letters!! haha I got one from the Gammells ( super adorable ) one from Grandma Betty, a card from Grandpa Acor ( one finally got to me!) and the calendar that Shelly and Bryant sent ( which I’ve looked at probably 100 times, I miss you guys!) Not to mention I got a big packet of family history stories from Elder Pieper! I have been reading them all this last week (: And you know now that I’m reading these stories there are things I’ve heard of or heard grandma talk about before! We have some amazing family history!

Yesterday was my favorite Sunday in the mission so far. Some members told us it was day light savings but it actually wasn’t so only us 4 sisters were at church with what we thought was the right time but no... So we practiced a song all together to sing in sacrament. We sang “Oh Mi Padre” to the tune of “Come Thou Fount.”  It sounds really pretty. And not to mention we had TWO investigators in church! I could cry. One was Andrea Arellano. Offically yesterday she decided her baptism will be April 8th at 11am!! Ah Hna Muro and I are soo excited. We will be keeping a close eye on her these next few days and teaching lots. The other was a man named Ruben we  met him a few days ago. We only had time to teach the first two points of lesson one and he still came to church! That never happens. We meet with him later Sunday and he told us that of all the churches he’s ever been to he like ours the most and he even was talking about taking his kids in the next two weeks! We haven’t been able to sit down and teach a full lesson but sometime this week! Oh and did i mention he owns a panaderia? (aka free treats)  And then in sacrament Hna. Valdivia talked and she always does an amazing job and makes us all cry. She talked about how grateful she is for all the missionaries and how amazing the work we are doing is... she’s my favorite and I can understand her Spanish perfectly wahoooo! Hna Muro and i taught the gospel principles class this Sunday too and it went really well! This class is for all the investigators and less actives that come to church. It went a lot better than the first time we taught when we first got here. The Women’s Conference was ok for me... it was only in Spanish but if I listened really closely I could hear the English quietly in the back haha. With that said mom could you send me a file where I could print off Henry B. Eyring’s talk? And maybe one of your other favorites? Don’t worry for conference they will have a room for us English speakers to watch! 

Tomorrow we have divisions with our sister trainers in Santiago! Santiago is the hottest place in the whole mission so we will see how that goes... I don’t have much else to say about this week but I love and miss you guys! Until next week (:  
-- con mucho amor 
Hermana Acor 

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