Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016 "A New Companion and 'solo espanol'!"

Well the day has finally come.... Hna Muro and I are no longer companions): But my new comp is so cute and way nice. I mean I’ve known her for about 3 hours but it’s been a good time so far! She is from Puebla, Mexico and guess what.... she doesn’t speak annyyy English. My days of solo Española have started.
My new companion!
I’m not worried though. I have been doing really good with my Spanish on divisions and I can express myself and I know Hermana Cirne is what i need right now. I know our mission President was inspired to have us together. She has only 2 transfers left so she knows a lot and she has had American companions before so she knows how it is (:

This week has been a very spiritual week. Our investigator Isais, has his baptism date for the 30th of April! Our lessons with him this last week have been some of the most spiritual I have had in my whole mission. Always after our lessons with him the members who help us teach talk about how strongly they could feel the spirit. It’s really amazing. And not to mention he came to church this last Sunday!!! AND he had many spiritual experiences throughout the services. He really is so amazing.
With our new convert Andrea, before going out to teach
Andrea, our recent convert,has been awesome this last week. We have even taken her to make visits with us. We have another investigator who is 26 and really is another awesome one. He actually lived in Springville for 6 months working with his cousin! It was so weird to talk to him and I told him about where we live and he knew where everything was and mentioned all the stores and restaurants, it was so weird! But he knows a lot about Mormons and wants to keep learning more. He read the BOM and even had questions he prepared to ask us about what he had read! The only problem is he works Saturday and Sunday. He is a radiologist.... he is finishing his service hours so hopefully we can help him gain a testimony so he will have more of a desire to go to church and work it into his schedule. But with Andrea, she has loved making visits with us and she shares her testimony and it’s all so awesome! She even says things like “well when I go on a mission”.... ahhh it would be so cool if she decided to go! Since Andrea’s baptism her family has started to show an interest in being taught. Her mom even invited us to go eat on Tuesday with her! She asked us a bunch of question about the church. I think she will soon be a future investigator (:
Mystery Bus! :)

This last week we have been telling our investigators and less actives about transfers and so many shared with us how truly grateful they are for us and some even cried at the thought of us leaving. When they were sharing with us their feelings I could really feel how much they loved us. We left many houses crying because of the love we had felt. Maybe that sounds weird but really this ward and this area have my heart, I love everyone and everything here. I’m so grateful I have a least one more transfer here! I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week! I can’t wait to hear about it! (: 
-- Con MUCHO amor 
Hermana Acor 

Pie in Spanish is "Pay" !!

By a cocoa tree

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