Friday, March 18, 2016

February 22, 2016 "Families Can Be Together Forever"

I am not even sure where to start! This week has been a really good one for Hna Muro and I. So last Tuesday Hna Muro and I were walking around with Hna Valdivia she was coming with us to make visits. We visited our usual people, nothing too exciting until we decided to look for some less actives in our area that we hadn’t been able to find. We came to one house we had tried to visit but nobody was ever home except now! The less actives name is Cleotilde. She has an adorable family. She used to live in a place called San Blas and had moved to Tepic about 8 months ago and hasn’t gone to church since. It was a total miracle that her address showed up on our lists of less active. She never had her records moved and the address she lives in was actually under her mom’s name and her mom has never lived there.... so I have idea how she was on the list. She remarried someone named Andrew and get this…he’s from New Zealand and doesn’t speak any Spanish. He has two kids that are 16. One is Claudia and other is a 20 year old but we haven’t meet him yet. They don’t speak any Spanish. And then Cleotilde has 3 young boys who don’t speak English. We aren’t quit sure how they all communicate with each other but Claudia agreed to have us come over tonight and teach her... so we will be teaching her in English. Hna Muro and I made a practice of our lesson with her today and wow talking in English to teach a lesson feels SOOOO weird. We will see how it goes ha.
Zone Conference in Tepic

After we meet them we went to go visit a woman named Marie Eva. We contacted her on the street at her little Torta shop and it's funny because at first she was like “no I don’t want to learn more I’m catholic.” But we stayed and talked with her a while and then she agreed to have us come visit! Well she wasn’t home when we went Tuesday night to find her but her son was. All I can say is wow. Her son’s name is Abel and he is so interested in what we have to teach him! We were able to teach him lesson one on Thursday and I have never seen someone so engaged in a lesson before. He asked good questions and added comments here and there. It was awesome. He wanted us to come back the next day to teach lesson 2. We weren’t able to until Sunday because of our schedules and him not being home but again it was an amazing lesson. He is so accepting and willing to listen to everything we say and always wants us to come back the next day to teach him the other lessons. I really do feel he was being prepared by God because he is an amazing investigator. For some unknown reason though he didn’t come to church. When we found him on Sunday he told us he didn’t want talk about it, so who knows haha. And not to mention he understands my Spanish wahoooo!

Then on Thursday we didn’t have a lot to do and nobody seemed to be home so we started to walk towards Clotilde’s house to see if we could visit with them and we ran into a woman named Lupita. She saw us walking up the street and called us to come to her and she took us in a huge hug and asked if we have ever meet cause she felt like she knew us. We have never seen her before but she invited us into her house and we sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” and she loved it so much that she called her son and had us sing to him over the phone. She just kept saying how she thought we were angels and she just kept talking about how cute we were. We went back to teach her on Saturday and it was another really good lesson. Sadly though she cannot understand a word I say... she’s 62. I have noticed that the older people and the younger people don’t understand me very well but the in-between don’t have a problem ha. I said the opening prayer for our lesson with Lupita and after she asked Hermana Muro to tell her what I had said then she made sure that she knew how cute she thought I was, but that she didn’t understand me ha oh well maybe it will be better next time.

Then yesterday was another good day for us! We had our cute investigator Karyme come to church. It was a little rough because she didn’t really want to. Its hard cause she really likes what we teach but gets bored at church... we are working on that but she loves personal progress and has her scriptures all marked up and she told us that the BOM makes her happy. It’s adorable. We had a less active who hasn’t been to church in 7 YEARS come to church yesterday! His name is Rafael. It’s funny cause we went to pick him up in the morning and he wasn’t home and we were bummed but we got to church and he was sitting in front of us! It was the happiest moment to see him there! He even stayed for all three hours and participated in the class. We went to just see how he was doing Sunday night and he told us that he was so happy he went to church. I hope he goes again next week!

Also Sunday night Hna Muro and I had 2 hours where we had no appointments and were trying to find people to teach but nobody was home. We were trying to walk around and contact as many people as possible. While we were walking down the street a man with his son on a motorcycle stopped us and asked us what church we were from and was wondering if we’d be willing to visit with him and his family.... OF COURSE! We are going to be seeing him tonight. After running into him we decided to walk a street we had never been and while we were again walking a man stopped us and saw our Book of Mormons in our hands and told us he had one and he wanted to show it to us. He had taken lessons with missionaries before and told us he wanted to again so we are seeing him tonight too! Then he introduced us to him mom who lived next door to him and she too wants to meet with missionaries again! And we had some other contacts yesterday of people who told us we could come back it was a good day for contacting!

 It has been a really good week for us and I really do believe it was because we never gave up we just kept working and walking.... and walking. And after we felt like there was nothing else we could do we would find someone who wanted to be taught! I love the quote mom sent me by Pres Uchtdorf... (idk how to spell that ha) But it says something like when we do our part the lord adds his POWER to our efforts.  And I know that to be true.

We had interviews with President on Friday also. I love being around President and Hna Clayton. Hna Clayton ended up not going on visits with us because she was tired and needed to leave for Vallarta. But my interview went well it’s nice to talk to President, he has such amazing advice. He told me there will only be 6 missionaries instead of 9 in this area after exchanges this Sunday.... he made it sound like Hna Muro and I are staying but we will see... This Friday Elder Piper of the seventy is coming to have a conference with all of us missionaries. So Tepic, Puerto Vallarta and Santiago will all be together for the conference!

Hmm today we spent the day with a member named Paola Padilla and I love her. She makes visits with us all the time. She is only 20 and has the cutest style. She’s actually going to school to be a nurse right now and only has a year and a half of school left. It’s fun to talk with her about nurse stuff, I still wanna be a nurse if you were wondering (: She came with us to buy groceries and then she let us wash our clothes at her house and her mom made us lunch it was a good day! These past few weeks I have befriend the man outside our house that sells banana bread every day, I like him because 1. he one sales good banana bread and 2. he always compliments my Spanish and how impressed he is. He has agreed to make me banana bread with chocolate chips I’m very excited.  I love you all. Have a great week.
-- con amor
Hermana Acor