Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016 "The Day after the Christmas Phone Call"

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was so great to be able to see and talk with you guys! Everyone is growing up so fast its crazy!
Guadalajara Temple
Christmas Morning
 I'll do my best to try and update you guys about this week and maybe somethings I forgot to say yesterday! This week we actually had a lot of success even with the holidays. We were able to teach Elsa a few times this week! I think our biggest success with her is that we were able to have her kids come and sit down and listen to the lessons too. We were able to invite both her kids to be baptized with Elsa on  the 21st of January! We read the Book of Mormon with them at our last visit and it went really well. Everyone was able to participate and the kids had questions too. With Karen we were able to reteach lesson 2 and we left her with the homework to find the people she wants to talk at her baptism. It was super cute cause she started sending texts to the people she wants to speak at her baptism. She is super excited! We actually had a great miracle on Sunday! 

With it only being an hour of church we, of course, were really worried that nobody was going to go.... and really the attendance was a little lower than usual but we had the most less actives come yesterday to church then I have had my whole time here in Guadalajara! Such a tender mercy (:As a Zone on Friday we were able to go sing in the mall! We went and sang Christmas songs in Spanish and in English and we actually got a lot of peoples' attention and we made a ton of contacts with everyone doing their last minute shopping! Here in Mexico all the fun of Christmas is the 24th. We did not have any plans this day and we were super worried that we were gonna be stuck in the street all day doing nothing. So before we left the house we said a prayer that somebody would invite us in to spend some time with them haha. And the first house we went to was super happy we were there and invited us to help them make pies!I know it probably sounds silly but it really was such and answer to our prayer! Then this family invited us to eat with them too (: I told my family about this yesterday but my testimony of prayer has really been strengthened these last few weeks. God really is there listening to our prayers we just have to have the faith that he will answer and he will. On Christmas we had a very good busy day! We opened our packages, went to church, ate at a member's house and the we got invited to go to our president's house and have a small little Christmas celebration.

I love our Mission President!
It really is such a special thing to be around so many missionaries on Christmas! There is nothing else like it! (: Again I hope you all had a great Christmas and ill talk to you next week!

Awesome tanlines!

12 Days of Christmas

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